Welcome to the Six Classes: understand chemicals of concern and avoid their use

Many of the products we use every day contain chemicals of concern that may be harming our health.  Many of these substances can be grouped into “Six Classes”, each containing similar chemicals. The Six Classes approach allows us to better understand these chemicals, their functions, where they are used, and how they can be avoided. It can prevent a cycle of “regrettable substitution,” whereby a phased out harmful chemical is replaced with a closely related chemical which may cause similar harm.

Testimonial from IKEA

“IKEA has been using the Six Classes approach for many years, and it has helped us to minimise the use of harmful chemicals for healthier people and environment. By phasing out potentially harmful chemicals before they are regulated and by working with a “group of substances” approach, such as the whole class of phthalates, we can avoid “regrettable substitutes,” keeping IKEA’s chemical policy proactive and effective.”

Who We Are

logoThe Green Science Policy Institute was founded in 2008 to facilitate responsible use of chemicals to protect human and ecological health. Using our scientific expertise, we educate and build partnerships among scientists, regulators, businesses, and public interest groups to develop innovative solutions for reducing harmful chemicals in products.