Watch this series of short videos to learn about “Six Classes” of chemicals that are known to harm human health and the environment. Each video summarizes where one of these classes of chemicals is used, associated health problems, and how to reduce exposure. This knowledge will better equip large purchasers, manufacturers, retailers, designers, and consumers to take the steps needed to limit the use of these problematic chemicals.

Learn more about antimicrobials.

Learn more about flame retardants.

Learn more about bisphenols & phthalates.

Learn more about some solvents.

Learn more about certain metals.

Webcasts and Interviews

Introductory webcast featuring conversation with with Jen Jackson, Tom McKeag, Marty Mulvihill, and Arlene Blum.

Arlene Blum’s interview with Grace and Corbett Lunsford of the Building Performance Workshop.

Who We Are

logoThe Green Science Policy Institute was founded in 2008 to facilitate responsible use of chemicals to protect human and ecological health. Using our scientific expertise, we educate and build partnerships among scientists, regulators, businesses, and public interest groups to develop innovative solutions for reducing harmful chemicals in products.